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Renowned for respite

Amenities in Rancho Santana

Rancho Santana is providing unique experiences. Our facilities are world-class – maintaining the quiet and rustic appeal of the area while offering owners and guests a calm, cool respite from the Nicaraguan sun and surf.

The Clubhouse

Rancho Santana provides opportunities to cross paths with like-minded guests and community members, as well as offer peace and solitude for those that prefer a bit more privacy. Grab an ice-coffee at the bar and begin your day with a walk on Playa Escondida or come around sunset for some cocktail on the Clubhouse’s terrace.

Dining at Rancho Santana

Renowned for its integrity and authenticity, Rancho Santana’s Food and Beverage program is based on a simple premise: keep it natural.

Our four restaurants are using fresh products from our on-site organic Farm & Garden to offer an authentic taste of the best farm-to-table cuisine in Nicaragua.

The Spa in El Bosque

The Spa in El Bosque is a 6,000 square foot spa and
wellness sanctuary, built into Rancho Santana’s
rugged hillside. Guests are invited into the dense, shaded “Bosque” or forest, where they can relax in a multi-faceted retreat and partake in a myriad of unique treatments by our skilled therapists.

Each treatments incorporates indigenous
ingredients from Nicaragua and The Ranch’s
organic garden & farm.

Life at Rancho Santana

If you’re interested in hearing more about life at Rancho Santana and have some questions, our team is here to help.